22 Skits, Sketches & Songs That Prove Christmas Is a Comedy Goldmine

Sit back, relax, don your best Christmas jumper and enjoy a nice port or sherry while you laugh along to these Christmas comedy classics, featuring Liam Neeson, Rowan Atkinson and Kate McKinnon.

Mitchell & Webb: Heroin Christmas

“Is this what I think it is? It is - it’s some heroin! Yay!”

SNL: Hillary Actually

“Hi… it’s me… Hillary Rodham Clinton”

The Office: Jim Plays a Christmas Prank on Dwight

“They don’t give out black belts for things that are stupid”

Knowing Me Knowing Yule: Alan Partridge's Christmas In Norwich

“300k. 300k or we take it to Sky”

SNL: Santa Baby

“Santa doesn’t drink. He’s got to drive a sleigh”

Buzzfeed: Things Santa Does That'd Be Creepy If You Did Them

“I know when you’re awake too”

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: Liam Neeson Auditions For Mall Santa Claus

“I see you. When you’re sleeping. I know. When you’re awake”

SNL: Christmas Miracle

“They were gone and I was met by a 9ft tall goat man named Crinkle Mouse”

Improv Everywhere: Mall Santa Musical

“You’re never too old to sit on Santa”

Mitchell & Webb: Get Me Hennimore Christmas Beds

“Help yourself to a prawn Christ and come with me”

Collegehumor: George R.R. Martin Ruins Christmas

“Did I say half brother? I meant HALF OF HER BROTHER”

Tim Minchin: White Wine In The Sun

Less of a comedy song - more of a lovely song. But still.

Michael McIntyre: Children & Christmas

“Men do the tree...”

Mr Bean: Christmas Turkey

“Look teddy!”

Sum 41 & Tenacious D: Things I Want

“To party naked on a school bus full of nuns”

Jimmy Fallon, Paul McCartney and "Sing" Cast Perform "Wonderful Christmastime"

Oh just watch it.

The Sons of Pitches: Christmas Carol Megamix

I mean, since we’re on acapella…

Family Guy: All I Really Want This Year

“Santa’s got his work cut out for him”

Mitchell & Webb: Mrs Claus Has an Affair

“Russ Claus is coming… to town”

Sammy J & Randy: Aussie Christmas

“Rudolph’s dressed up like an emo, drinking soy chai cappuccinos”

Tom Lehrer: A Christmas Carol

“Christmas offers us a wonderful opportunity each year to reflect on what we all most sincerely and deeply believe in. I refer of course to money”

Collegehumor: The 6 Christmas Movies You Live Through

“You let him watch Die Hard?!”

Phew! That’s probably not even all of them. Add your favourites in the comments!

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