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The 12 Days of Christmas: As Told Through GIFs

A modern 12 Days of Christmas is less about birds, and more about festivities, food and fatigue. Here we tell the story of today’s Christmas, from the carefree wonder of Christmas Day to the terrible tragedy of being back at your desk like nothing happened.
This tale is brought to you through the timeless medium of GIFs.

On the first day of GIFmas


On the second day of GIFmas


On the third day of GIFmas

Playing with new toys for the first and only time.

On the fourth day of GIFmas

Peace. Quiet. Book.

On the fifth day of GIFmas

What? Mary Poppins is on.

On the sixth day of GIFmas

What day is it, even?

On the seventh day of GIFmas


On the eighth day of GIFmas

Oh shit. It’s January...

On the ninth day of GIFmas

I thought I had more time?

On the tenth day of GIFmas


On the eleventh day of GIFmas

Still no.

On the twelfth day of GIFmas

Aite. Time to get back in shape.

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