The Awkward Family Photo Christmas Jumper Edition

Awkward family photos are one of the internet's favourite things. And family photos don't get more awkward than around Christmastime. It's that special time of year where we all come together, dress in our finest (or not so finest) jumpers, and make some Christmas memories. Mostly about arguments, overeating and getting drunk.

Let's take a moment to truly appreciate some of the awkward family Christmas photos out there, and think about what was going through the mind of the creative genius behind the lens.

family christmas outfits

A bold and unified approach to Christmas fashion, with a pleasing 70s vibe.

christmas family outfits

This stoic family take their nativity-inspired garb very seriously indeed.

matching christmas jumpers

This cheerful family has maintained a cohesive look with subtle variations on a matching theme.

christmas family sweaters

Clearly thrifty by nature, this family has managed to create five unique outfits from a pair of Christmas curtains.

family Christmas jumpers

The loudness and boldness of the Christmas waistcoats are perfectly complemented by the joylessness of the expressions.

family christmas bear jumpers

If in doubt, you can always match the exact same jumpers in various colour combos.

family santa christmas jumpers

That baby is thinking 'whaaaaaat?'

family christmas photo

Family Christmas photos are a great way to get your dogs and falcons involved in the festivities.

christmas family jumpers

If everyone closes their eyes, it really adds to the 'Christmas nap' feel.

green christmas family photo

A beautiful set of matching Christmas shirts and blouses; you don't see Christmas fashion quite like this anymore.

family llama christmas

Christmas with a llama and a lamb - plus some classic jumpers.

family easter christmas

This family saves time by doing their Christmas and Easter photos all in one go.

xmas jumper family

Smiling, but not too much smiling. That's the ideal amount of smiling.

child christmas jumper

This child just plain hates her Christmas jumper, God bless her.

uncomfortable family photo

Looking deeply uncomfortable really adds to the 'realness' of this image.

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