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wearing Christmas jumpers

From left to right: Peter, Ellis, Will, Jenna, Lily, Pete

Jolly Christmas Jumper is the festive brainchild of Jenna Thompson, an illustrator and copywriter based in Bristol, UK.

In the dark winter months of 2016, Jenna scoured the internet for a quirky Christmas jumper, but struggled to find any good ones. Bored of the same tired slogans and pop culture references, she started designing her own.

And so we find ourselves one year later in 2017, with the season of Christmas jumpers upon us. Jenna now has a Christmas jumper for every day of the week. So do most of her friends and family, whether they like it or not.

Each jumper was created with a simple premise: understated designs that are joyful and festive without being cheesy or crass. We can all choose to say no to ugly Christmas jumpers.

Traditional knitwear is undoubtedly cosy, but if you’re sat in a pub with a roaring fire, wool is not your friend. Also, Jenna doesn’t knit, despite her mother’s best efforts to teach her. Therefore, Jolly Christmas Jumper deals exclusively in cotton sweatshirts – and very nice they are too.

All of the jumper models are Jenna's friends and fellow improv enthusiasts, whom she would like to thank from the bottom of her heart for allowing her to dress them up and take photographs. She would also like to thank Pete Sherrard for his outrageously good photography.

Thank you for visiting and Merry Christmas!